About Our Members

CAPE Members Provide Quality, Efficient, Professional Public Services

The California Association of Professional Employees (CAPE, AFL-CIO) represents 2700 professional employees of the County of Los Angeles. CAPE members perform a wide array of professional public services that improve the quality of life for county residents.

CAPE Member Departments & Jobs

Public Works

Professional Engineers

·       Civil 

·       Structural

·       Electrical

·       Mechanical

·       Structural

·       Environmental


·       Building

·       Construction

·       Waste Control

Project Managers

·       Capital Projects

·       Facilities

Landscape Architects
C.E. Techs
Road Maintenance Sups
Geologists Mapping Techs
Title Examiners
Real Property Agents
Facilities Planners
Engineering Testing Techs
And more


Supervising Appraisers
Property Assessment Specs
Survey Mapping Techs


Regional Planning

Professional Planners


Internal Services

Telecom Systems Engineers
Communications Analysts


Real Property Agents
Faculties Project Managers 


Parks & Recreation

Park Planners
Park Project Managers


Beaches & Harbors

Planners, Beaches & Harbors
Real Property Agents 


And other departments

CAPE members ensure the safety of Los Angeles County roads, buildings, bridges and flood control channels to make sure Angelenos are prepared for earthquakes, fires and floods. They also design and maintain the county's complex telecommunications networks used for disaster response, map out the county's future housing and infrastructure needs, provide wastewater and solid waste management, and assess the value of all business, personal and residential properties throughout the county, resulting in much needed revenue for the county's general fund allocations.

CAPE members are the public infrastructure professionals of Los Angeles County. We are on the job, every day, to serve YOU.

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