Why I Joined

"I joined CAPE because I wanted to help solve problems and be a part of the solution. Being a part of CAPE will help me achieve that goal.”

Stephen Moy

Title Examiner II

L.A. County Department of Public Works

“My mother returned to the workforce after being a stay at home mom for 10 years, she and other federal employees were represented by their union multiple times and I got to hear every struggle and triumph she experienced. I joined CAPE immediately after securing my first job after college because I wanted to be part of an organization that already had a system in place to promote dignity, competence and activism. Thanks for the inspiration mom.”

Elsa M. Rodriguez

Regional Planning Assistant II

L.A. County Department of Regional Planning

I joined CAPE to raise my voice in support of the many positive changes the Union makes for its members.

Omar Haroon


L.A. County Office of the Assessor

“I briefly left county service for the private sector and saw the need for a strong labor union. We got little respect or support. When I returned to the county I immediately rejoined CAPE. I know that our labor union fights for us!”

Jonathan P. Bell

Regional Planning Assistant II

L.A. County Regional Planning Department

“As professional public servants, we are all working toward the same goals. I joined CAPE because I understand the need for County professional employees to have a STRONG, UNITED VOICE on the issues that impact the vital public services we provide.”

Lanie Cabamongan

Engineering Aid III

L.A. County Assessor Department

After I was promoted into the CAPE ranks, I became a member because I saw it as an investment that will help me achieve my career goals.

George Rocha

Engineering Testing Aid III

L.A. County Department of Public Works

We joined CAPE because in these times of economic uncertainty and public employees coming under attack, we know CAPE is standing up for benefits that we've earned.

Sandy Montti (L) and Zhenya Markosyan (R)

Senior Civil Engineering Techs

Department of Public Works

I joined CAPE for many reasons; I wanted to have professional representation, and a forum from which my interests will be taken into serious consideration.

Mansour Thiongane


LA County Office of the Assessor

I joined CAPE during the Agency Shop Campaign because as a member I get more benefits than I would as a fee-payer and the difference in cost is minimal. Agency Shop made the choice easy. My husband, a DPW CAPE member, and I are now a CAPE family.

Shadia Hakim


LA County Office of the Assessor

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