2018 Contract Negotiations-Bargaining Updates

Bargaining Update:

The Negotiating Teams for all CAPE bargaining units have declared an "impasse" with the County. We are holding member forums to educate the membership on what that means.

Click here for the forum presentation.



Join Your Fellow CAPE Members for a Show of Strength
at the Board of Supervisors Meeting, Oct. 30!

We're Worth More than 7%!!

Dear CAPE Members:

Los Angeles County CEO Sachi Hamai and Management of all County Departments where CAPE members work have offered their "Last, Best and Final" offer to all CAPE bargaining units, but there's nothing that makes this offer "the best."

For all bargaining units, the county wants CAPE members to ignore that the CPI in the last year for the Los Angeles region rose 3.9% and offer us just 7% over three years (2% in 2018; 2.5% in 2019; and 2.5% in 2020).

Additionally, the county has rejected most of CAPE's economic proposals, including retention bonuses, longevity bonuses and other special pay practices.

The County's message in this negotiations is clear:

While there is plenty of money coming into the County and a huge chunk of its revenue is generated by the professional members of CAPE, they don't care that the cost of living in Los Angeles is less than what they're offering in salary increases.

They don't care that their own employees can't afford to live in the county they work in and serve the public as professionals.

They don't care if you demonstrate there is a retention or recruitment issue in your department, because the work is still getting done (because you're bending over backwards and working overtime to do it!).

They don't value your professional expertise.

In the Fringe Benefits negotiations, the County's "Last, Best and Final" offer is to barely increase its contributions to your health plans. Even as health plan costs are expected to rise between 5-9% each year of the contract, the County's offer is to increase its contributions by just a fraction of those projected increases to 1.5% (2019); 2.0% (2020); and 2.5% (2021.)

Additionally, the County does not want to increase its contributions to your dental coverage AT ALL.

They also want to CAP the amount of money you get back after your health benefits are paid for each month. These caps will take away THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS each year for the majority of CAPE members.



JOIN your fellow CAPE members at the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Oct. 30. We will be meeting at 8:30 a.m. in Grand Park (near the Starbucks and fountain.)

SUPPORT your CAPE negotiations team members who will be speaking to the Supervisors about the impact these economic proposals have on CAPE members. WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE IN THE AUDIENCE. WEAR YOUR CAPE BLUE POLO OR BLUE CLOTHES. SHOW YOU ARE CAPE!!

BE UNITED - Take a personal day to come to the meeting and show your strength. If one day off can help secure a better contract, one that closely reflects the CPI in Los Angeles, isn't it worth it?

CAPE members are the professionals who keep this county running. It's time to remind the Supervisors of this and that 7% is not a sustainable Cost of Living increase in this county.

WHAT: CAPE Membership at the Board of Supervisors
WHEN: 8:30 AM (gather in Grand Park); BOS meeting starts at 9:30 AM
WHERE: Hall of Administration, 500 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90012
RSVP:  rsvp@capeunion.org


All unit contracts expired Sept. 30.

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From now until we win a fair contract with Los Angeles County, please wear BLUE every Wednesday (your CAPE polo shirt or anything that's blue) to show your unity with CAPE. 

Snap a photo of you and your colleagues in blue and tag us on social media (/capeunion on Facebook and @capeunion or Twitter and Instagram) and use the hashtag #CAPEBlueOut! 


Fringe Benefits Negotiations Update:

Click here more details.




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