Union Plus Mortgage Program

The Union Plus Mortgage Program is a CAPE union membership benefit available to all union members, their parents and their children. The program is available when buying or refinancing a home, and includes low or no down payments, lower closing costs and a unique interest-free mortgage assistance benefit that helps you make mortgage payments for up to six months in the event of a layoff or disability. In addition, in case of a strike or lockout, the "union member only" benefits can help make your house payments for you. The program is exclusively provided through Wells Fargo. For more information about the Union Plus Mortgage Program, please call (866) 802-7307 for a free consultation.

For additional Union Plus benefits and discount programs go to www.unionplus.org and select "MEBA" as your union.

CAPE is happy to make these Union Plus benefits and discount programs available for our union members. These benefits, including pet insurance, supplemental insurance, travel discounts, floral discounts, an AT&T phone bill discount, credit counseling, auto buying assistance and more, are offered through the national AFL-CIO and were designed specifically for union members and their families. However, CAPE does not specifically endorse any of the benefit or discount programs available nor has CAPE investigated them for quality control (although Union Plus has vetted the programs).

Union Plus Mortgage Program

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